[Re]Gained in Translation

Sabine Dievenkorn (Ed.), Shaul Levin (Ed.)

[Re]Gained in Translation

Band 1–2

TRANSÜD. Arbeiten zur Theorie und Praxis des Übersetzens und Dolmetschens, Volume 133 + 134

978-3-7329-0791-5 9783732907915
Date of appearance
14.8 × 21.0 cm (B × H)
150.00 €


Band 1:

Translations of the Bible take place in the midst of tension between politics, ideology and power. With the theological authority of the book as God’s Word, not focusing on the process of translating is stating the obvious. Inclinations, fluency and zeitgeist play as serious a role as translators’ person, faith and worldview, as do their vocabulary, poetics and linguistic capacity.

History has seen countless retranslations of the Bible. What are the considerations according to which Biblical retranslations are being produced in current, 21st century, contexts? From retranslations of the Hebrew Bible to those of the Old and New Testaments, to mutual influences of Christian and Jewish translational traditions – the papers collected here all deal with the question of what is to be [re]gained with the production of a new translation where, at times, many a previous one has already existed.


Band 2:

Times are changing, and with them, the norms and notions of correct­ness. Despite a wide-spread belief that the Bible, as a “sacred original,” only allows one translation, if any, new translations are constantly produced and published for all kinds of audiences and purposes. The various paradigms marked by the theological, political, and historical correctness of the time, group, and identity and bound to certain ethics and axiomatic norms are reflected in almost every current translation project.

Like its predecessor, the current volume brings together scholars working at the intersection of Translation Studies, Bible Studies, and Theology, all of which share a special point of interest concerning the status of the Scriptures as texts fundamentally based on the act of translation and its recurring character. It aims to breathe new life into Bible translation studies, unlock new perspectives and vistas of the field, and present a bigger picture of how Bible [re]translation works in society today.


Sabine Dievenkorn, PhD in Theology (Universität Hamburg, Germany), is Professor and Director of the Academia de Teología in Santiago de Chile. An ordained reverend of the Lutheran Church, she serves as the ESWTR representative in Israel and Palestine.

Shaul Levin, PhD in Translation Studies (Tel Aviv University, Israel), co-directed the Diploma Studies in Translation and Revision at his alma mater. An independent scholar and literary translator, he has more than ninety translated titles published to date.

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